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Image by Erik Mclean



Walk our dozens of scenic trails, taking you through the hills of resettled communities such as Lion's Den / Eastern Tickle and to the top of Brimstone Head, one of the four corners of the earth (according to the flat earth society).

Image by Farsai Chaikulngamdee

Grab a bucket to take with you over the hills, you might just see one of several edible berries, especially in July, August & September. Also an important part of our history - Even now, many residents still pick their own for desserts, preserves and jams.


Music & Festivals

Fogo Island has been the birth place to many traditional NL folk songwriters, artists and performers - Also the location of the annual Brimstone Head Folk Festival, started 38 years ago to highlight and feature local Newfoundland talent.



Fogo Island is located in the famous "Iceberg Alley" which sees thousands of icebergs and other breakaway pieces pass down from the Labrador sea. Not only pretty to see, but some of the freshest, and long-lasting ice for beverages.


Step back in time, and experience the lives of our ancestors - with 10 museums including the Marconi Interpretation centre, the Bleak, Lane and Brett houses as well as other historical sites on Fogo Island.


If you are a winter enthusiast and enjoy the great outdoors, we have some of the best trails for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Be sure to check weather conditions before booking your trip.
*Snowshoe rentals available

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